Apply for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) after your residency status changes

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What is a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)?

The Australian government subsidises the cost of some university places for domestic students by paying part of the cost directly to the university. These are called Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs). Students pay the remainder of the cost through a ‘student contribution amount’. The amount you have to pay varies depending on the program, and CSPs are not available for all programs.   

CSPs are only available to domestic students. You are a domestic student if you are:  

  • an Australian citizen  
  • an Australian permanent resident  
  • a New Zealand citizen.  

Change your residency status with UNSW

Before you can apply for a CSP, you need to tell UNSW about your change of residency status. You must do this within seven days of receiving formal confirmation from the Australian government. 


Apply for a CSP and other government support

You are not automatically given a CSP when your residency status changes. You need to apply for one. Once you have a CSP, you may be eligible for other Commonwealth support such as HECS-HELP.