Stream declaration

This page will guide you to information and resources about choosing (or changing) your stream – the combination of courses and the order in which you study them to complete your program. Undergraduate streams are called majors and minors; postgraduate streams are called specialisations.

About stream declaration

Many UNSW programs require you to choose ‘streams’ of study. A stream is a set of courses that you need to complete, often in a particular order. A stream can be a major, a minor, or a specialisation, depending on your program. 

Choosing and declaring your stream

You should aim to declare your stream as early as possible in your program to avoid having to do extra study.   

  • Consult the UNSW Handbook to find out what streams are available in your program and which courses you need to take to complete them. 
  • Most students can view their current stream, declare their stream, or change their stream using the stream declaration service in myUNSW (sign-on required).  
  • Not all programs use the Stream Declaration service – if not, the online service through myUNSW will let you know if you need to contact your Program Authority directly.  
  • Changing your stream is different to changing your program – if you want to move to a different program, apply for a program transfer instead.