This page will guide you to information and resources about how international students can be sponsored by an overseas government or institution and how to apply.

Sponsored students

Some international students have their UNSW fees paid by an overseas government or institution. This is called sponsorship. The government or institution that pays the student’s fees is called a Sponsoring Authority. UNSW has a list of recognised authorities. The Sponsoring Authority must provide a Financial Guarantee letter to UNSW promising to sponsor you.

  • Find information about being a sponsored student, including how to apply, what needs to be included in the Financial Guarantee letter, and what you will need to do once you have accepted the sponsorship.
  • Check the entry requirements for international students regarding academic entry and English language proficiency.
  • Find information and resources about being an international student at UNSW.
  • Find information and resources about the student visa you will need to study at UNSW.

Fees for sponsored students

If your sponsor has promised to pay tuition fees, UNSW will send an invoice to the Sponsoring Authority. If the Sponsoring Authority doesn’t pay your fees, you will have to pay them yourself.