Internal program transfer

Find information and resources about transferring between UNSW programs.

Applying for an internal program transfer (IPT)

If you start your program at UNSW and then decide it isn’t right for you, you can apply to transfer to a different program. This is called an internal program transfer (IPT). 

  • Find some initial guidance and links to information about how to apply for a program transfer.
  • If you’re an undergraduate student, check your eligibility and the related conditions and requirements for an undergraduate internal program transfer.
  • If you’re a postgraduate, find out about the requirements and application process for postgraduate internal transfers.
  • The UNSW Handbook has lots of information about degree programs, specialisations and courses to help you choose your new program.
  • Check with your Program Authority if you have specific enquiries about transferring your program.

Internal transfers for international students

There are special requirements for international students who want to transfer to a different program.

Accepting your Internal Program Transfer offer

You will be advised about the outcome of your application via an email sent to your UNSW email account. If your IPT request was successful, you will receive instructions on how to accept the offer

Changing your major or specialisation

Transferring between programs is different to changing your major or specialisation. 

  • If you want to find out about changing your major or specialisation, see Stream Declaration.  

Undergraduate internal transfers by faculty

Each faculty has different requirements and programs available through internal program transfer (ITP).