Find out what you need to do if you fail a course

This page will guide you to information and resources that will help you understand the impact failing a course will have on your program, who you need to talk to, and where to go to for more information.

What do I need to do if I fail a course

  • If the failed course is a pre-requisite for any other courses you have enrolled into, you will need to change your future/next term’s enrolment. Contact your Program Authority if you need advice on your enrolment options.
  • If the failed course is a core course, it must be repeated. Check the timetable for when it is next offered. 
  • If you fail the same course more than once, you must seek academic advice from your Program Authority. You will receive an email to your student email account requesting that you meet with an academic advisor ideally by the end of week 1 but no later than the end of week three of the following term.
  • If you fail a course and are able to demonstrate that you meet the special circumstances criteria, you can apply for fee remission.
  • If the failed course impacts academic standing, you may be required to consult with an Academic Advisor. Find out how academic standing is determined and what the different levels of academic standing mean. Suspension or exclusion may result from a low academic standing.

A failed course will not impact the academic standing of an undergraduate student who passes more than 50% of the units of credit attempted in a term. 

A failed course will not impact the academic standing of a postgraduate student who has failed less than 12 units of credits during their entire postgraduate career.

Getting your results reviewed

If you believe the mark you’ve received for an assessment task or exam doesn’t reflect your performance, you can apply to have your results reviewed. You can also find information about accessing your results and what your grades mean.

Weighted Average Mark (WAM)

Your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is the average mark you received across all completed units in your program. Your mark for a course is ‘weighted’ in the WAM calculation according to its number of units of credit. The WAM is used to show how well you are performing relative to program requirements.

If you received a mark for a course, it will be used in the calculation of your WAM. Courses that are dropped after the Census Date but before the Academic Withdrawal Date are not included in your WAM.