Apply for assessment results to be reviewed

This page will guide you to information and resources about having your results reviewed.

About reviews of results

If you believe the mark you’ve received for an assessment task or exam doesn’t reflect your performance, you can apply to have your results reviewed. A review of your results may result in your mark going up or down. 

  • Find information about your results.
  • Find information about how to access your results, what your grades mean, and what to do when there’s a problem.

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How to apply

You no longer need to gain approval from the faculty before submitting a request for review of results. However, you need to justify your request with reasons as the faculty still has the right to reject the request. There is also no longer a charge for a review of results application.

  • Submit the online Request for Review of Results form within 5 days of receiving the result, or in the case of an exam, within 5 days of the exam results being released. (For a review of results request for a course undertaken in Term 3, the 5 working days commences from the first working day in January.)

It may take up to 4 weeks for you to be notified of the outcome. An email will be sent to your student email account to advise you of the result.