Academic Standing

This page will guide you to information and resources about academic standing, and what to do if your academic standing is referral, probation, suspension or exclusion.

About academic standing

Academic standing shows your current progress towards finishing your program. 

When your academic standing is anything other than GOOD, you must consult with an Academic Advisor. Please contact your Program Authority to arrange an appointment. 

If you’re an international student, you should also make an appointment with an International Student Advisor at the International Student Experience Unit. Use the online booking system to book your consultation.

Find out more about academic standing including how academic standing is determined, and what the levels of academic standing mean. 

Referral and probation

If your  academic standing is referral or probation, UNSW is concerned about your academic progress.  We strongly encourage you to find out about support services to improve academic performance.

Suspension and exclusion

If your academic standing is suspension, UNSW believes that you need a break from your studies to deal with the issues and problems that are affecting your academic progress. You will receive a letter to tell you about your suspension.

If your academic standing is exclusion, UNSW has serious concerns about your ability to complete your program. You are excluded from the university for not less than 2 academic years and you must re-apply for re-admission at the end of the exclusion period. You will receive a letter to tell you about your exclusion.

If you are suspended or excluded from one program, you cannot apply to study another program during the period of suspension or exclusion. 

Appealing your suspension or exclusion

You can appeal against your suspension or exclusion.