Special consideration

This page will guide you to information and resources about applying for special consideration if you believe your performance in an exam or other assessment was negatively affected by unexpected circumstances or events beyond your control.

About special consideration

Special consideration is how the university helps you overcome a disadvantage that affected your performance in an assessment. This might be via an extension, additional assessment, or being able to sit an exam after the exam date.  

Special consideration is only given where your performance was affected by something beyond your control, such as illness, injury or bereavement.  

  • Find all the information you need about special consideration, including how to apply and what supporting documentation you need. 
  • Apply for special consideration through myUNSW (My Student Profile > Online Services > Special Consideration) (log-on required) and attach your supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate).  
  • You can contact  specialconsideration@unsw.edu.au for advice about the policies and procedures for special consideration. 

Disability Services vs special consideration

Applying for special consideration and having educational adjustments in place are different.  

Supporting documentation in a language other than English