Future students

Find out how to become a student at UNSW.
  27 Feb, 2020

About studying at UNSW

If you’re interested in studying at UNSW, you can take a short course, undertake a higher degree by research, or enrol in something in-between.  

  • Learn about becoming a future student at UNSW, including how to find a degree or short course, how to apply and what current students say about their UNSW experience. 
  • Use the Degree Finder to see what’s available that you might be interested in, and whether there are any additional entry requirements. 

Applying to study at UNSW

Admission to all UNSW degrees is based on academic merit. Some programs (such as the Bachelor of Music) also require you to submit a separate application, or sit an interview, audition or test. 

In some circumstances, you can apply online directly through UNSW. In other circumstances, you must apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). 

Applying through UAC or directly to UNSW

Whether you apply through the Universities Admission Centre or directly to UNSW depends on what kind of applicant you are.  

  • a domestic applicant applying for an undergraduate program  
  • an international applicant currently undertaking an Australian Year 12 qualification (either in Australia or offshore) or the IB onshore, or the NZ NCEA.  
  • You can apply online to UNSW if you are:  
    • an international applicant applying for an undergraduate degree  
    • applying for undergraduate honours year  
    • applying for postgraduate coursework  
    • applying for postgraduate research.  
  • International applicants

    If you would like to apply to study at UNSW as an international student, see Future international students