Access information about enrolling in courses, registering for classes, changing your enrolment, and enrolment deadlines.

How to enrol

Enrolling is a two-step process through myUNSW. You need to enrol in courses and then register for class times. If you received a personalised offer page, refer to this page for a guide to the acceptance and enrolment process.

You should enrol for a full year to ensure you get the classes you want although you can enrol for a term at a time.

  • For new undergraduate and postgraduate students, UNSW Getting Started has a step-by-step guide to the acceptance and enrolment process.
  • Existing undergraduate and postgraduate UNSW students can find information about annual enrolment for continuing students.
  • If you are a continuing undergraduate or postgraduate student, you can find your enrolment appointment in myUNSW > Student Profile > Enrolment appointment. It shows the times and dates from when you can enrol in courses and register for classes.
  • Find information about how to enrol for summer term.
  • Find answers to student annual enrolment FAQs.
  • Find key dates.
  • You will need to check which courses you can enrol in for your program and then check course availability in each term. Many courses have prerequisites.

  • First, you need to enrol in the courses you want to take. It is best to enrol in all your courses for the year (including the Summer term if you’re intending to study then). 

    • Find detailed instructions for course enrolment, including video guides.
    • ‘Real time’ information about class numbers and vacancies is available via the Enrolment section of your myUNSW account.
  • After you have enrolled in your courses, you will need to register for class times for each of your courses. Class registrations open at least eight weeks before the start of each term.

How do I enrol in a full class?

You may submit a full-class request  (log-in required) if it is compulsory for your program and must be completed in this term due to graduation or prerequisite requirements.

What should I do if I have a timetable clash?

If your class times clash, you should endeavour to rearrange your enrolment first. If that is not possible, and you feel there are special circumstances, you may submit a timetable clash request (login required). Timetable clashes are dealt with at the School level and permission is given on a case-by-case basis. 

Why can't I enrol in a course where the class timetable shows there are still places available?

The class timetable is refreshed every 24 hours. Real-time information about class numbers and vacancies is available via the Enrolment section of your myUNSW account. You should keep checking your myUNSW account for current enrolment availabilities. Note also that a class may appear to have vacancies because quotas have been reserved for other groups (e.g. students from other faculties or programs). 

Enrolment deadline

You must be correctly enrolled by the enrolment deadline each term (the end of Week 1 of term). The ‘enrolment deadline’ is the last day to add a course online using myUNSW (login required). Enrolment after the deadline is only allowed in very limited circumstances and will incur a late enrolment fee of $250. 

Enrolling after the deadline

If you have missed the enrolment deadline, you will not be able to enrol through myUNSW.

  • Find information about late enrolment if you missed the enrolment deadline.

Making changes to your enrolment

You can change your enrolment after you have enrolled.

Course substitution

Course substitution means getting an exemption from doing a core course or other requirement and instead, completing an equivalent or a near equivalent course of the same credit value.

Credit transfer

Getting credits from study at another institution or another UNSW program recognised and counted towards your current UNSW degree program is known as credit transfer. To get this credit, UNSW needs to assess the courses or combination of courses as equivalent to UNSW courses. Credit transfer is also known as advanced standing. 

Enrolling at another university

You can request permission to undertake study at another institution, and for that study to be counted towards your current degree program at UNSW.

Help with your enrolment

Help is available if you’re having trouble enrolling.