Applying for admission to UNSW

Find information about applying and gaining entry into a program at UNSW.

Applications and admissions process

You have to apply to be admitted to UNSW. The processes for applications and admissions are different for different students, courses and programs. Many students have questions about being admitted before they apply.

  • If you have a general question about studying at UNSW, you can make an admission enquiry online or by calling the UNSW Enquiry Centre.
  • If you’re a domestic student and want an idea of the ATAR scores you might need for admission, you can look up the scores that last year’s students needed for various degrees.
  • Domestic students can also find general information about applying to UNSW in The 101 Guide written by students for students.
  • If you’re an international student and you want to study at UNSW, find out about applying as an international student.
  • If you have studied at another university before UNSW, you can apply to have some of your courses counted towards your degree through a credit transfer.
  • If you’re a sponsored student, you’ll follow a separate acceptance and enrolment process.

Alternative pathways to admission to UNSW

Admission to all UNSW degrees is based on academic merit. However, for domestic students, there are a range of pathways to studying with us if you haven’t got the ATAR you need to qualify for a place.

  • The University Preparation Program (UPP) is a pre-entry program that introduces you to university learning in a supportive environment before you start a degree. Once you’ve completed the program you can use your results to apply for further studies at UNSW (and some other universities). 
  • The UPP is mainly available to mature age students, but if you’re younger and have experienced long-term educational disadvantage, you may be eligible for the UNSW Preparation Program (UNSW Prep 17-19).
  • You can submit a portfolio of your work to gain entry to courses in the Built Environment faculty through BE Portfolio Entry
  • All Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people can apply for undergraduate degrees through the UNSW Indigenous Admissions Scheme (IAS).
  • The Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS) is an alternative entry pathway for students who want to study engineering at UNSW but don’t meet the Guaranteed Entry Rank. You will have to demonstrate why you’re suited to studying engineering.
  • The Bachelor of Information Systems Admissions Scheme (BISAS) is an alternative pathway for students who want to undertake the Bachelor of Information Systems but don’t meet the Guaranteed Entry Rank. The process includes a questionnaire and interview.

Track your application

You can find out where your application is up to or upload more documents to support your application.

  • Log in to your Apply Online account with the email address and password you used for your online application.
  • If you’ve applied to the Graduate Research School, download the Application Tracking and Document Submission PDF and follow the instructions to access the myUNSW Application Tracking system.