Accept, defer or decline your offer

What to do when you’ve received an offer of a place at UNSW.

Respond to your offer

You need to accept, defer or decline your offer online by the deadline specified in your letter. Getting started has instructions for accepting, deferring or declining your offer. 

Accept your place

To secure a place in your program, you must accept your offer by the deadline given in your letter. You must accept your offer before you can enrol in courses. 

  • Find out more about how to accept your offer.
  • New students can follow the steps for getting started at UNSW, including how to accept your offer and enrol in courses.
  • Fee-paying students may have to pay some of their fees upfront to accept their offer.*

* If you are unable to pay your deposit online, you can use the UNSW Acceptance Reply Form to accept your offer if you:

  • Are a sponsored student of a UNSW recognised sponsor, OR
  • Are under the age of 18, OR
  • Do not have access to a credit card for online deposit payment, OR
  • Wish to accept your offer at a time when online acceptance is not open.

Acceptance Reply forms must be completed, signed and returned to the Admissions Office via your Apply Online account or via myUNSW if you are a UNSW Foundation or UAC applicant.

If you are using the Acceptance Reply Form to accept, payments may be made in one of the following ways:

Wish to accept your offer at a time when online acceptance is not openChange your start date: defer your place

You may be able to start your degree up to two years after you received your offer. You can only defer (officially delay the start of your tertiary program) if you haven’t started any courses. If you have started any courses, you will need to apply for program leave instead. 

Deferring at different stages

You can defer at three stages, and the process is different for each stage.

  • If you haven’t already logged in to myUNSW to accept or defer your offer – accept your offer through myUNSW and choose ‘deferment’ as the option in ‘Accept Online’. 
  • If you have accepted your offer but haven’t enrolled in any courses – contact the UNSW Admissions Office through the admissions enquiry form. 
  • If you have already enrolled in one or more courses – log into myUNSW and complete the form you find at My Student Profile > My Student Services > Online Services > Program Leave/Discontinuation. Choose the 'Program Leave' option. You must do this before the census date for your first term. 

Multiple offers

Although you can receive more than one offer from UNSW, you are not able to accept more than one offer.

  • You may accept an offer and still be eligible to receive a second offer later.
  • If you accept the second offer, your first offer is automatically withdrawn.
  • If you defer your first offer and then accept a second offer, your deferred offer is automatically withdrawn.
  • If you have received an offer but are still waiting for a different offer or a higher preference, we recommend you accept your first offer so that you don’t miss out if you don’t receive a second offer.

Are you having trouble enrolling?

If you are having trouble enrolling via myUNSW, see enrolment error messages.  You can also contact