Credit transfer

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About credit transfer

Getting credits from study at another institution or another UNSW program recognised and counted towards your current UNSW degree program is known as credit transfer. It can also be called advanced standing or recognition for prior learning (RPL).  

Apply for credit transfer early in your program so you don’t take courses you don’t need to.

Credit transfer for international students

If you’re an international student, credit transfers can affect your visa as they can change the length of your program. 

Note: You must maintain a full-time study load even if you’ve been given course credit.

Applying for credit transfer

There are different application forms for different types of students.

  • If you are a domestic student (or an international student who has done the HSC) and you applied for your program via the Universities Admissions Centre, use the Credit Transfer Information UAC Domestic Students form
  • Use the Application for Credit/Advanced Standing form or the online form Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (Credit Transfer/Advanced Standing) if you:
    • Are a new student applying directly to UNSW and missed the deadline for admissions processing (includes international students who have not done the HSC), or
    • Want to apply for Credit Transfer and have already completed at least one term or semester.
  • If you have enrolled and wish to apply, use the online form Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (Credit Transfer/Advanced Standing).  
  • Your Program Authority must sign your application.