LGBTIQ support at UNSW Sydney

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Support for students and staff at UNSW includes:

The Arc Representative Council has a Queer/LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Intersex and Queer) Department to cater for the needs of Queer/LGBTIQ students on campus.

The Women’s Department provides a Women’s room in the Blockhouse that is an alternative safe and autonomous space which has a kitchenette with fridge and toaster, comfortable furnishings and a computer with internet access.

A mailing list for queer students to find out about upcoming social events.

QueerSpace: Room 920, Chemical Sciences Building (F10)

This room is an allocated space for Queer students to meet socially as well as for the Arc Queer/LGBT Department to hold its meetings.

Free and confidential service to all students enrolled at UNSW. Staff seeking counselling should contact the Employee Assistance Program.

Various support and lobby groups for family, friends and members of the LGBTIQ community.