Understand your current liability and payment options

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Your current liability

Current Liability refers to the balance of your financial liabilities, including tuition fees, the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF), payment plan fees and student loans. It does not include Library fines. Tuition fees are calculated at least two weeks prior to the start of teaching each term.

Information about your current liability is displayed in the centre column of myUNSW beneath the heading My Student Information

  • Log into myUNSW  and select the My Student Profile button.
    • If you are in debit, that is, you have a current liability to be paid or an amount which has not yet deferred to your HELP loan, the centre column My Student Information will show 'Your current liability is $X,XXX.XX.'
    • If the centre column My Student Information shows 'Your current liability is X,XXX.XX. Credit.', this means that your payment has been received.
    • If you have a zero balance, that is, no liability to be paid and no overpayment, the centre column My Student Information will show 'You currently do not have an outstanding liability.'

Accessing your fee statement and payment options

  • In the centre column My student information, click the Pay Now button.  Alternatively, click the Fee statement & Payment Options button on the left panel of the My Student Profile window. If no information is displayed, it means that your fee statement is not available at this time.

Viewing your fee details

1. When the Select Fee Statement window displays, click the View Details button.

The Fee Statement window displays the following options:

• Course Details and Fee Details

• Printer Friendly Version

• Payment Options.

2. Expand the Course Details and Fee Details sections to display course and fee details. 

Accessing your payment options

1. Click the Payment Options button on the Fee Statement window to access the Statement Information window.

2. When the Statement Information window displays, tick the I acknowledge and consent to the above items check box and then click the Payment Options button. 

The Methods of Payment window will display with information about your payment options.