Fee debt

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About fee debt

If you have not paid your UNSW fees by the due date, a block is placed on your student account. This means that you won’t be able to access many university services. You also won’t be able to enrol in courses for the next term and you won’t be able to graduate. The block remains until you pay all of your debt.

  • Learn more about fees debt including the university services you won’t be able to access until you have paid your debt.
  • Although library fines are not the same as your fee debt, they can also delay your graduation if the amount you owe the library is more than $100. Review your account on myLibrary before planning for graduation.

Pay your debt to unblock your student account

  • Access your fee statement and find information about each payment method so you can pay your fees.

Help with fees

If you are having trouble paying your debt, or think that you might get into debt again, you may be able to get financial support. There are also resources to help you understand UNSW fees.